The Best CMOS battery for your Toshiba device

Rome Tech manufactures and distributes lithium-ion BIOS batteries. RTC batteries provide power to the motherboard of a PC,  notebook or laptop. Small in size, thanks to advanced production technology, they are highly efficient. Safety is ensured by quality materials. One of the main advantages of Toshiba CMOS laptop batteries is their reliability and long life.

When manufacturing Toshiba BIOS battery, Rome Tech complies with all required environmental standards. Toshiba motherboard battery does not contain mercury, with a small size it has high power, durability and is suitable for work in extreme conditions. Rome Tech products are the benchmark for reliability and quality.

Fully compatible and easy to replace

Replacing the Rome Tech CMOS battery is a breeze in various Toshiba laptops. The identification labels found on all batteries are 100% authentic and contain information about the compatible connector. For added safety, each Toshiba RTC battery is covered with a protective shell. Removing the batteries, as well as installing, presents no difficulties and does not require additional manipulations.

What is this for

The CMOS battery in the computer is used to store the hardware configuration settings. In addition, this device records the date and time when the computer is turned off. The BIOS battery is located inside the computer and is attached to the system (mother) board.

The most common signs of a failed Toshiba RTC battery are incorrect or slow display of the system date and time in BIOS, loss of BIOS settings when the computer is turned off, error message “RTC stopped”, etc. If the CMOS battery in Toshiba laptop is running low, BIOS settings are lost when the computer is turned off. When you turn on your computer, you will be prompted to reset the time and date. Sometimes, losing BIOS settings can prevent the operating system from booting.


The Rome Tech CMOS RTC battery in an Toshiba laptop is capable of handling extreme temperature fluctuations (-22º to 140º F) and maintain motherboard performance for up to 10 years. This eco-friendly, mercury-free, easily replaceable Rome Tech BIOS battery is a great option for your Toshiba laptop.