Wholesale B2B

If you manage, repair, or maintain a large number of computers in an educational institution, or any organization, then our business department will be happy to help you. A corporate account is free and has a number of benefits such as bulk discounts, product customization, expedited shipping, and priority support. Take advantage of this limited-time offer.
wholesale B2B
Rome Tech Batteries is a manufacturer and retailer of RTC CMOS batteries for commercial and non-profit organizations. Most of our products have bulk purchase discounts and reduced pricing is shown on the product page. The discount amount varies depending on the quantity purchased. If you’d like to order more, feel free to contact our B2B sales department by email [email protected]. We will customize an individual offer for your organization. Our company specializes in CMOS batteries for laptops, desktops, aftermarket motherboards, and other electronic devices, so we are able to offer you the best price.
wholesale B2B

Bulk Purchases

Our company works with orders of any size. If you need a customized battery with a quantity of 1000 or more; please contact us by email [email protected]. Please include the product (s) or URL, quantity, delivery deadline, and shipping ZIP code.
wholesale B2B

School and Government

We accept non-profit, school, and government credit cards. We also accept school and government purchase orders and we are registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR). Simply print our school/government form and email the requested information and your purchase order to [email protected].
wholesale B2B

Corporate Purchases

Businesses can purchase batteries in bulk by credit card or by creating an account with us. Our account terms are net 30 days. Credit applications take 3 to 5 business days to process and are expedited if a purchase order is included. If you would like to open a corporate account with us simply print our corporate credit application and email the requested information to [email protected].
Shipping Cut-off Time:
USPS - 2 pm (ET)
UPS - 4 pm (ET)
FEDEX - 4 pm