The Best Asus CMOS battery for your device

The Asus CMOS battery is a high-caliber component nested within the motherboard of your Asus laptop. This coin-cell CMOS laptop battery is extremely small but it serves a critical role in almost any electronic device. It maintains settings for the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) including the date and time, boot order, and hardware configurations, even when the device is switched off.

If you notice your Asus laptop frequently resets or displays incorrect dates and times, these are indications that you may need to replace your CMOS battery. This RTC (Real Time Clock) battery typically has a lifespan of about five years but in some instances, it may deplete sooner.

How to Replace the CMOS Battery in Your Asus Laptop

A simple battery installation takes your laptop from a non-working state to optimal performance in no time. Here are the steps to replace your CMOS battery:

  1. Identify the CMOS battery on your Asus laptop’s motherboard. It’s usually located near the BIOS chip.
  2. Utilize a small screwdriver to gently remove the old battery. Ensure you don’t cause any damage to the connector in the process.
  3. Insert the new, high-quality battery, aligning the positive and negative terminals correctly.
  4. Secure the battery compartment and replace any screws if necessary.

The Aftereffects of a Depleted CMOS Battery

In the event that your CMOS laptop battery dies, your Asus laptop may continue to power on but you may experience some disruptions. The date and time settings could reset and in some cases, the device may be unable to boot up at all.

Maintenance Tips for Your Asus Laptop’s CMOS Battery

Preserving your CMOS battery’s lifespan is essential to the optimal functioning of your Asus laptop. It’s advisable to keep your laptop’s power supply on, even when the device isn’t in use, to help keep the CMOS battery charged. This ensures extended reliability of your device.

Consider unplugging your laptop during thunderstorms to protect your laptop battery from power surges. A battery backup can be an additional safeguard, especially in hot climates.

Where to Purchase a CMOS Battery for Your Asus Laptop

We provide premium quality CMOS batteries for Asus laptops at Rometech Batteries. Our batteries are compatible with various Asus laptop models and are carefully heat shrunk for added safety during installation and storage.

The quality of our CMOS batteries is guaranteed. We provide warranties to give our customers peace of mind with every purchase.

The CMOS battery is a small but highly significant component of your Asus laptop. Its role in preserving critical BIOS settings guarantees the smooth operation of your device. With our premium quality, compatible CMOS batteries, you can effortlessly replace your depleted battery and extend the reliability of your laptop.